How can you help me?

Sit back,
relax. Let's find out.

Can't find the email marketing service you came here for? Just drop me a line and if I can't help, I'll point you in the right direction.

Email audits provide a detailed insight into your current email set up. Is your account set up correctly? Are your emails personalised and achieving your current aims? My audits dig deeper than Indiana Jones.

Happy conducting your own email marketing but need some direction? I'll work with you to construct a short and long term email strategy specific to your organisation's needs/KPIs.

With 11+ years as an email marketing specialist in the B2C and non-profit areas, I provide team or one-to-one training on a schedule that fits yours. This may be hourly or half/full days.

Need overall guidance? Have a specific issue that's stumping you/your team? My training is tailored to your exact needs.

Email marketing can be tricky and time consuming. That's where I come in. Account management allows me to take care of key automation flows; day to day sends and the segmentation, management and targeted use of customer data.

All whilst keeping you in the loop with KPI reporting. I'll be as hands-on as you need.

Pop in the inbox. I'll work with you to incorporate a personal touch in your emails, whether that be through hand coded, responsive HTML or working with your platform's drag and drop builder.

Oh, and it's all fully tested - we don't want wonky columns, do we?


Email in action.